Friday, September 21, 2012

I Still Have My Lunch Box

It's amazing what happens when you make your mind think
You remember all sorts of things you thought you'd forgotten

I worked on my art journal today using a prompt I found at Lil Blue Boo --
Draw a floor plan of your earliest memory of one of your classrooms in school

This might be easy, if you are, say . . . 16
but what happens when you are 53?
You have to dig deep
and travel back quite a long way . . .
to 1965

But, as I began to draw
I saw the book shelf that housed copies of Dick and Jane
I looked out the window and spied the dish we set on the sill
to check the temperature
Was it freezing outside?
It was always a thrill to discover ice in the dish that told us "yes!"

I mentally sat down at my desk and watched Mrs. Hopkins sing her
"get ready for lunch song"
which basically told each of us where we could go to wash our hands --

Crystal go to the  back of the room
Scotty go to the boys lavatory
Lori go the back of the room
Martie go to the back of the room
Stacy go to the girls lavatory
David go to the boys lavatory . . .

For some reason that impromptu ditty made lunchtime 100 times more fun

I remembered my best friend Lori, who brought me a strand of red licorish every day
so that we could use them as straws to drink our snack-time carton of milk

Oh, first grade
I could almost smell the jars of glue
and crayons

I was surprised at the surge of joy this flurry of memory brought with it
As I left my art project
and went upstairs to finish putting away a load of laundry
I spied my lunch box resting on a shelf in my closet
I had to bring it out to say "hello"

I  opened the lid and sniffed
It still smells like lunch
After all these years

I'm so glad I kept it



Eve said...

I still have mine, too! Care bears for me. Yours is cuter.

Emily said...

I love this idea! What a fun way to remember things we tend to forget!

The lunchbox is spectacular!

Our Adventures As A Family of 4.... said...

Wow, you still have your lunch box?? I love it. I wish I had thought to save mine. Remember the thermoses that went in them??

You draw wonderfully. I wish I could. I am not a good drawer at all. Love this idea though. :-)

Shan said...

Oh my goodness! What a cool lunch box! I saw some youth at our Stake Conference who used lunch boxes to put their scriptures in. I thought it was kind of genius! I am extremely impressed with your drawing skills and not only that, your memory skills! Did you use watercolor to make the beautiful colors? You're so awesome! {BTW, I kind of hate your captcha for posting comments, but I'll let it slide ;)}