Yep, this would be me -- Crystal B.  I don't use my last name much because it's just too hard to pronounce.

I'm a middle-aged female who still likes to be referred to as a "girl" not a "Mam."  Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, creator.  Lover of gardens and mountains, old movies, and making things with my hands, especially if it involves tools, old junk, food stuffs, or anything fiberous.   I'm currently loving the color mustard, but remain dedicated to chartreuse.  Carmex, chocolate chip cookies, and Diet Coke are my lifelong addictions.  (And why I felt the need to share those last two items, I do not know.) 

Most days you can find me driving the car pool, standing in the checkout line at WalMart, or creating something out of old metal in my studio.  But occasionally, you will find me sipping sodas with a friend at the local diner, or walking my dog under the light of the moon.  Just depends.  Some days are busy, some are not.  You know how that goes.

I started this blog as a way to keep a journal for my children about the happenings in our life.  It's turned into a little bit more than that, a creative outlet, and a way to connect with people around the world (like you, if you are reading this.)

Love making new friends.  You too?  Then leave a note so I can stop by and say "hello."